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I have started a new instagram page
BID TO BUY Tashy Fay
Hoping this will be something different and a bit of fun for everyone!
Every week I will list a new item and bidding will end the following Sunday
(more info on that page).
There will be no reserve so it all depends on the bidders, what people think it is worth or who wants it the most
Possibly grab something next to nothing or maybe a bidding war!
Often I experiment with different techniques and sometimes I will play around making something else not playscape or felting related. Since I find it hard to put a price on these items I thought this idea would be fun.
Who knows what will be on offer each week?
Many items will be one offs and will not be duplicated or available as custom orders (when the time involved isn't worth it to make again).
So head over and follow my page...

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