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BOXING DAY SALE! Discount automatically applied at checkout.
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Christmas Custom Orders

Now taking custom orders for Christmas!

Last year I was booked out for 4 months leading up to Christmas.
Booking in orders now and limited spaces for custom orders available so I can also keep my website stocked.
Message me to secure your spot.
Whether it's something similar to one of my previous creations or have a design/ idea of your own.
All custom orders require a 20% deposit to secure and rest paid upon completion (afterpay available).
You can chose any date between now and the end of November to have yours made.

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    I have seen your previous mat with a farm and i absolutely love it! I would like to order a play-mat of similar kind but with a stream next to it if possible.

    I also thinking of a new idea to teach my son four seasons. I am thinking that the mat consists of 4 parts (for 4 seasons). The transition is smooth. For example, the grass may go through winter and spring (from white with snow to light green and then green), tree may go through summer and autumn (one side green and other side start to turn yellow and orange) stream may go across winter and spring (icy white to blue), the farm is in autumn section (i have tiny felted carrots and pumpkins myself that can place in it)…this is just my very raw idea.

    Please contact me if you take my order or would like to discuss further, many thank!

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